Friday, May 27, 2011

Endstation Theatre Company's Educational Outreach Program

Endstation Theatre Company is at it again...turning young children into future artists and art lovers through our Educational Outreach Program!
This year we've prepared a tourable version of Joshua Mikel's Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island aimed at K-5th grade, and workshops on Improvisation, Building a Character through Movement, Shakespeare's Clowns for middle and high school students.
Our actors have had an enormous amount of fun performing for young audiences. Young audiences are different than adult audiences...not better, not worse, just different. Here is a look at just how different they are.

Suffice to say, our performers learned a lot after the first school performance, and they made adjustments to help better manage the audience's excitement during the show's points of participation.
Our workshops for middle school and high school students were also a big hit. Here are some photos from our session today at New Vistas School in Lynchburg. We are looking forward to heading to Amherst High School on Tuesday!

If you want to have Endstation Theatre Company visit your school next year, contact me! We have programs for all age groups and that cover all areas of theatrical interest.

--Posted by Angie Sweigart-Gallagher,
Endstation Education Director,

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