Saturday, May 28, 2011


Endstation Company members have taken over the Babcock Theatre. Conference rooms, lobbies, green rooms, hallways and dressing rooms have become impromptu office space to hold various departments charged with making the Blue Ridge Theatre Festival a success. I decided to set up shop in the audience of the theatre, not just because the air conditioning is strongest there (though truth be told it’s the best) but because I get to watch the set for ASSASSINS get built.

The creation of theatre is a collaborative process that requires hundreds of people working tirelessly to create a production. As a director, I draw great pride in watching our interns bringing to life ideas, that moments ago were mere sketches and drawings, by our creative team.

Actors, directors, and designers often reap much of the praise from audiences, but I wish everyone could have my vantage point sitting in the theatre watching our interns in action. At this moment Ben, Rebekah, and Molly are building our show deck onstage, John and Skylar are hanging lights over my head, Paige is altering a very detailed dress in the basement, Katie Jo, Alicia, Cortney and Megan are executing postcard drops to local businesses, Spencer is learning his music upstairs, and stage management interns Kara and Kelly are preparing studios for tonights rehearsals.

I was speaking with a gentleman recently who marveled at the thousands of hours of work that go into producing shows for a limited run. I explained that like a good road trip, the journey of creating theatre is more rewarding than the destination. To collaborate with a company of talented artisans is a unique gift, and the performances are the icing on the cake (hint to Jeff Price).

The muscle of Endstation Theatre Company is our talented interns, who help us realize our ideas and challenge us to do better. When you enjoy one of the four shows playing in the Blue Ridge Theatre Festival this summer, take a moment and think of the dedicated group of interns who made the performance possible. And remember their names, because they are tomorrow’s leaders of the American theatre.

Chad Larabee


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