Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We are continuing to move at a lighting fast pace. In addition to the continued rehearsals for Complete Wkrs, we are finalizing preparations as we begin to turn our attention to the rest of the festival which will kick off this coming weekend. Before we know it interns, designers, actors, etc... will all descend on campus and we will be in full swing!!

However, we still have elements that we are working into the current show in rehearsal. Although the guys (Walter, Derek, and Michael) have been working with their props and a few costume pieces, they got a very special treat this past Sunday when Sally arrived with rack loads of costumes pieces for them to choose from for the different characters they play in the show.

Let me just tell you....this lady.....this lady here is a GEM!!!!

Sally, in addition to all of the other plates she has spinning, made time to search out and collect the needed costumes for this show. Even though she is not building any new costumes for this production, some pieces that she has built from scratch in the past will be making an appearance.

Sally brought in the costume pieces and spent a lot of time with the actors going through the show person by person and figuring out exactly what they were going to wear and when they were going to wear it.

The guys really enjoyed being able to be part of this process as they got to have input on what they preferred and literally pick the outfits from head to toe.

Sally is pretty great when it comes to that aspect, as she takes the time to listen to the actors and does amazing job of blending her design concept, the script, and the actor's ideas, and creating some neat outfits. The guys even got to pick what color tights they get to wear.....yes...they are wearing tights in this show :)

Of course we don't want to give too much away, you will have to come out to the show to see the results of Sally's hard work.

So.....I will leave you with a pic of Walter's best "model pose", which resulted after some coaching by Michael and Derek.

till next time....


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