Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Complete Day in the Life of the Complete Works Cast

As we near the end of week one of rehearsal, Michael, Walt and I have gotten into the groove of our daily routine. With all the energy and work that go into each rehearsal, having a routine to rely on is what keeps me sane. As crazy and full as our days are, I know you are just dying to know what we do with all that time.

THE MORNING. We clamber out of bed somewhere between 8 and 9 in the morning (depending on which one of us we're talking about). The next hour and a half is usually spent hanging out downstairs, slowly waking up with much help by cups of coffee and chats with the Kershners. The remainder of the morning is spent preparing for the upcoming rehearsal. And by preparing for the upcoming rehearsal, what I mean is, going over and over our lines. Before we leave we have a nice, hearty breakfast (thank you Kershners!) and head off to the theatre for our afternoon rehearsal.

AFTERNOON REHEARSAL. This is our first rehearsal of the day, four hours long, from 1 to 5. We start by warming up, and getting all of our props/costume pieces that we need for whatever we happen to be running. We usually start with a stumble-through so we can review and solidify what we already have, and then go into detail/polishing work.

Maria usually gets to rehearsal around the time that we are finishing up, and we clean up the mess we have made and all go to dinner at Prothro, the dining hall on campus.

DINNER. We eat. Delicious, delicious food. Too often, too much delicious, delicious food...

EVENING REHEARSAL. At 6:00, we start our next four hour rehearsal. This rehearsal is used to accomplish everything we could not accomplish in the afternoon, and then some. Sometimes we will work Act one in the afternoon and act two in the evening, or just work on polishing the show from afternoon to night, while Maria takes rehearsal notes furiously. Our schedule sounds long and tiring, and it is. But this show is a blast to do all day, and Michael and Walt make it so. It's always a hoot in the rehearsal room, and we're always laughing at something ridiculous that someone just did. At 10:00 we clean up our mess once again, and leave for the homestead at the Kershners.

LATE EVENINGS. By the time we get home, we're all exhausted. We take some time to unwind by watching some Law & Order or if we're lucky enough to, catch the new episode of Lost. This is the time to check our voicemails and texts from throughout the day and try and get back to everyone. Then it's bedtime where we rest up to do it all over again the next day!

Derek Arey

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Geoffrey Kershner said...

I think there are two of the most terrifying pictures of Michael and Walt that I have ever seen in this post ;)