Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleaning out the barn!

So, on Wednesday a group of us headed out to the barn for a major clean up. We had to prepare the barn for the actors so that we can safely hold rehearsals at the space starting next week. There was a lot of "stuff" in and around the barn. This old barn has become a bit of a dumping ground for random things on campus.

Above is the pile of debris we cleared from the barn. The barn had everything from random hoses to poison ivy. We also picked up broken glass, bricks, and object that we could not even identify. We also lugged large pieces of wood and piping from the area.

These concrete pillars that we found are going to come in handy for HAMLET. We are going to use these for the graveyard in the space.

Our production intern Ryan did incredible work on the above space. This will serve as a "backstage" space for the show.

We also had to clear out the "booth." Above is a small shed across from the barn where we will house the light board.

We also got the door above opened! Yay! Another entrance. This was blocked by a metal shelving unit. This might be where Polonius will hide when he is shot by Hamlet.

We cleared out the above path. Actors will travel through here to get to entrances and exits.

This little cove was FILLED with random junk. We are now using it to store our insecticide and tarps. We will also store a lawn mower here for our playing area maintenance.

Next up: We clean up and prepare the audience area!

Geoffrey Kershner
Artistic Director

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