Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Return to Old Stompin' Grounds

Today, I returned to a place that I have not been to in over 10 years...my old high school.

Jason, Natalie, Michael and I went to Amherst County High School today to do a Shakespeare workshop for a group of English classes. It was a very rewarding and high energy experience.

We had 200 students for an hour and forty-five minutes. Not a small feet, but Jason, Michael and Natalie were an INCREDIBLE team.

The presentation included work with text from Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet (Michael's "redneck" Romeo and Natalie's "goth chick" Juliet, very popular), a stage combat demonstration (the crotch kick, very popular), and a Shakespearean insult workshop (Elizabethan "your momma" jokes, always a hit).

We will be doing a similar set of workshops at E.C. Glass High School on Friday and one at Heritage High School on Monday. Working with high school students in this kind of setting is both challenging but incredibly rewarding. Their energy was fantastic. Thanks to the Lancers of ACHS!!

-Geoffrey Kershner
Endstation Blogger and Artistic Director

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