Thursday, May 29, 2008

Creating an Environment

Affects of harsh weather on the land.

The design process continues for The Bluest Water. We met a few days ago to discuss the environment that is taking shape for this new work. After reading this story and collecting research over the last year regarding Hurricane Camille, to me, the lasting impressions left on the landscape of Nelson County are reminders of the hurricanes devastation. However tragic these memories are, the people, the land, and the stories live on and are retold, bruised but hopeful.

How do we represent this? How do we create an environment that speaks volumes about the gash that was torn in Nelson County's heart in 1969? The designers have collaborated to transport the viewer to the eye of the storm, to the calm that brings destruction; to the memory that has sculpted a terrain upon which we live today.

The set will consist of large amounts of debris arranged in such a way that it appears as though something has pushed through the space and has left an imprint, a memory. Natural colors will aid as a backdrop, or neutral palette to emphasize atmospheric lighting and contrast with costumes. Natural materials will be implemented, wood, stone and dirt. Rusted metals and odd relics will dot our landscape and peak the curiosities of the characters inhabiting the space.

Concept Sketch for The Bluest Water

Stay tuned for more posts with process photos including shop days with construction and painting of the set as well as load in photos later in June.

-Krista Franco
Endstation Blogger and Resident Designer


Will Shakespeare said...

Nice pictures that really do a good job in setting the mood. I would have loved to work with designers, but cheapskate Burbage always wanted me to set the scene with words (at no extra pay). Your location looks beautiful, but you might want to rename your state - Elizabeth was a perfectly good ruler and liked the theatre so she was always good to us, but let me tell you, she was no virgin. That was strictly public relations. I know, because I had to do some of that pr myself.

Geoffrey Kershner said...


With the current economy, we too understand making a little go a long way. We don't have Burbage, but we do have the sub-mortgage crisis.

Since you have some PR experience, perhaps you would be interested in becoming an Endstation volunteer? Visit our website for more information.

Thanks for your wonderful play my man. Those words are pretty sweet.