Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 1

Here is the first read of Romeo and Juliet on the lawn in front of Benedict where the show will be staged.

The audience will walk past this fountain with musicians playing music when they arrive at Romeo and Juliet.
Here is a portion of the first read...

Here are images of the first read through of the The Bluest Water: A Hurricane Camille Story

Playwright Jason Chimonides hard at work...

State Trooper Ed Tinsley and his wife, listening to reading...

Ed, myself and Jason

Sally Southall (Costumes and Liz) measuring Casey Carden (Emory)

This was an exciting first day. We have two wonderful casts and the journey has begun! We also discovered that there is only one restaurant open in Amherst on Sundays...Thank you #1 Wok!

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