Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dan's Lighting Images

Last week we had our first "phase" design meeting. Dan, Krista, and Bryce and I discussed initial design ideas over the phone (we will bring Sally our costume designer into the process soon). I must say that I love the internet for design purposes. Dan and Krista were at Sweet Briar, I was at FSU, and Bryce was in Tampa...but we were still able to have a meeting. Dan created a facebook account called "Endstation Show." On this account he posted images that we all had access to. Bryce was able to post his initial music and sound ideas online where everyone was able to access them and listen. I was on the phone and Bryce spoke to us through i-chat. Krista was able to do some initial sketches that were then sent to us through email during the meeting. ;)

The following are some of Dan's images.

These first images are ideas that Dan has for the storm in1969. There is a sepia look, like an old photograph. A memory, worn and faded but still very present.

I love the image above. I love it on a metaphoric level and I love the look.

This next image is a look that we will play with for some of the recovery scenes from 1969. Dan is interested in heat, lack of shade and shadow, and a blistering sun. The play takes place in August in Virginia and the day after the storm it was incredibly clear. This feel is very helpful to us on all kinds of story telling levels. It is exposed, overwhelming, and under duress.

Next is a series of images for the 2008. There is something softer, cooler, and progressive about these images.

These following images are for a scene with a retired State Trooper (Emory) and one of our central characters, Jared.

These next images are also for 2008. We want a sense of the woods, a cooler look, less extreme...again progressive but the shadow gives us depth and texture.

This last image is "The Priest" in Nelson. This is a very important element to the play. Dan will be working with this image for the very end of the piece. Dan took this picture just the other day when he came for a visit.

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