Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Brother's Knife: Tallahassee Reading

Today we workshopped Josh Mikel's play, My Brother's Knife, which will be produced as a part of the 2009 Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival. Actors Sergio Soltero, Walter Kmiec, and Guerrin Gardner gathered with Josh and myself in Tallahassee, FL to work on the show. 

Playwright Josh Mikel at the reading in Tallahassee

We spent two days reading Josh's present draft and producing notes and needs for changes and development. We are very excited about the growth of the piece and what it will become. 

Actor Walter Kmiec and Endstation Theatre Company member Jason Chimonides 

We were also excited that Endstation company member and The Bluest Water playwright Jason Chimonides was able to join us for added feedback. 

Actor Sergio Soltero